During a recent panel discussion, "Program Related Investment: the Promise and Pitfalls",  John MacIntosh of SeaChange began his remarks with the observation:  "God doesn't love intermediaries", eliciting a chuckle from attendees since everybody is familiar with this popular prejudice, usually applied to "middlemen" who are commonly disparaged for making money while adding little value. As a trustee, head of the Finance Committee of the Altman Foundation, and someone who supported the concept at the outset, I'm confident that the recently-established New York Pooled PRI Fund (NYPRI), managed by SeaChange, an intermediary (!), promises to add a lot of value in PRI-making for us. And my confidence in this value was substantially strengthened by the panel discussion and the Q&A that followed.  It's a type of vehicle that all medium size PRI-making or PRI-interested foundations should seriously consider
PRIs and Effective Intermediaries
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