Understand the Intermediary Infrastructure in St. Louis: Who they are, What they do, and Common Misconceptions

Apr 1, 2011
The Gateway Center for Giving through funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health commissioned this study to identify and learn about nonprofit intermediaries working in the St. Louis region. The goal of this report is to address common questions about the nonprofit intermediary system in hopes of figuring out how philanthropic funders can better support these organizations in the future.
  • In general the St. Louis community is divided regarding the value of intermediary work. Much of this skepticism is on the part of direct service providers.
  • The effective intermediaries in St. Louis all share common qualities: stable source of funding, accountability and transparency, a clear mission and niche, and service valued by both funders and nonprofits that neither group could provide on its own.
  • If intermediaries were not funded in the St. Louis community, there would be a void in collective action, a loss of a systematic-level approach, reduced impact, and diminished ability to draw in more federal dollars.
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