This FAQ consists of 10 questions and answers directed at funders who are considering giving internationally and how and why they should using intermediaries.
International Grantmaking FAQs
  • Intermediaries are U.S.-based nonprofits that specialize in helping grantors fund overseas to make international grantmaking as simple as domestic grantmaking.
  • Benefits of intermediaries include a simplified legal process, knowledge and expertise about geographical and/or program areas, network of vetted potential grantees, allow U.S. foundation to receive a tax deduction, and make it easier for smaller foundations to assess and achieve impact in international grantmaking.
  • Intermediaries can be found through Exponent Philanthropy's directory or the United States International Grantmaking site.
  • Choose intermediaries based on their mission; grantee selection process; political, economic, cultural, and linguistic knowledge about the field; fees, transparency, etc.
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