For Grantseekers in Arts, Regranting Programs Offer Range of Opportunities

Sep 22, 2009

As one of the state's largest private funders of the arts, The James Irvine Foundation's Arts program seeks "to promote a vibrant and inclusive artistic and cultural environment in California." This broad goal, in effect, means that Irvine supports arts organizations of all sizes, in all disciplines and in all regions of the state. But arts and culture in the nation's most populous state is an enormous and diverse field, with more than 4,000 organizations statewide. Irvine's five-person Arts program staff would be hard pressed to adequately cover such a broad territory and make well-informed decisions on thousands of grant proposals a year without a little help. So the Foundation relies on a range of organizations--from community foundations to arts service organizations--to broad its reach.

For Grantseekers in Arts, Regranting Programs Offer Range of Opportunities
  • About 25 percent of Irvine's $50 million in active Arts grants are to intermediary organizations who award smaller grants to other nonprofit arts organizations or individual artists.
  • Most of the James Irvine Foundation's regranting fall into either geographically focused organizations, culturally specific organizations, or discipline-specific organizations.
  • For Irvine, regranting is an effective way to extend their reach, given a limited staff and finite resources. For grantseeking organizations and individuals, these various regranting programs have a more practical benefit in that they represent another place to look for funding opportunities beyond Irvine itself.
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